Our company is your best source for professional services.
Established in 1927 and online since 1990, we have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.  Meaning that we are able to provide  amazing services and people for all services provided.

About Us
 We grew up in the movie/T.V  business for over 80 years so we know we don't have to tell our people not to talk about our STARS we serve.  THEY DON'T!!!

We start by being diffrent because all employees sign confidulity contracts and have background checks threw life scan. C.I.A and F.B.I background checks to make sure you FEEL SAFE . You are safe you and your children are as safe as possible.  We also have our babysitters C.P.R certified and current.

We surpass EVERY Company because we are a  ONE STOP SHOP. For Security, Catering,Hair dressing, cleaning,baby sitting. We do it all if you need a item you don't want the press know you bought you can transfer cash to our pay pal account and we will purchase product and deliver. NO Questions asked EVER!!! 

Our chefs can make anything you desire to eat or drink any time of the day or night we are there for YOU.