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Hi my name is Karyn Anderson.  I grew up in the movie industry my father is Howard Anderson of Howard Anderson Co. that started at Paramount studios in 1927 as the 1st special effect company in Hollywood.

 We invented the transporter effect for Star trek Also shot many 2nd unit for I  love lucy, 21 Jump Street, Remington Steele, A Team , Murder She Wrote, Mc Guyver, Most 80's movies did all inserts in all the old and new shows.

We moved from  A corner store in Santa moncia , to Paramount studios, To Televison Center in Hollywood to Universal Studios  and that was our home in the Techncolor building and the Anderson stage as well as Anderson Video. 

We had to leave Universal studios and that's when the Company closed.  This is one of my many companies. 

This is a secret society We live in and we want to keep it that way...We know how to keep it quite we don't disrespect our clients EVER!!
Contact me directly at 310-701-1178 Cell

We do not advertise Because we are a secret society. Shhhhhhhh don't tell your friends...