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 Real Innovate Realty 

​Virtual offices in Manhattan beach, Hermosa beach, Redondo beach.
Realtor 13 years , Staging homes for sale 20 years
I DO ALL of CA  and do referrals in other states even abroad
Call  Karyn Anderson now - 310-701-1178 Cell

Website :

Eclectic Interior Designs

Designer : Karyn 
Education: Universal stage 30 years . UCLA Interior
 Design, Ethan Allen head designer.

Food For Your Bliss

Catering :Universal studios 40 years , private catering and Home chef
and bartending, teaching cooking classes public and private.

Chef K

:  Website: Website: WWW.Food For your  

VIP Travel Spa

Hair Design and Spa services

Hair designer cosmetologist : Karyn Anderson

Website: WWW. V.I.P Travel Spa .com

Education : Universal Studiois, Wilshire Sterling Beverly Hills, 
Allen Edwards, Don Allen's. Private clients .

 Licensed in California 28 years

Anderson Digital Studios


Cameraman: Robert , Karyn

Build websites we come to you- Karyn 

Howard A. Anderson Company started in 1927 We were the first special Effects
Company in Hollywood . See website for more info. 

What we do - Stars hate interviews because they are so scared it will be edited badly 
making them look BAD. What we do is take control we do interview in our studio and WE edit it . They don;'t have a chance to make you look BAD!! FORGET THAT!! Like as a
star you don't have enough to worry about. 

WE take control of the situation. If the interviewer dosen't want to do it your way 

Everyone who works for me has to have a background check.

* Security guards

* Maid services- All maids back ground check

* Drivers services( Can use our car or yours)

* Babysitting for kids and animals  all  babysitter back ground check
and CPR certified current.

* House sitting

* 420 delivery (Must have vaild license.)

* Buy things you can't  ( Pregancy test, condoms, day after pill ect.. All purchases are confidential and will never be told to anyone. We also have look a likes for PRESS CHASES we call them...They screw with you  WE screw with them!! 

Our Services
        Before                              AFTER!!!
Silver membership $24,000.00 a year  
Gold Membership $50,000.00 a year 
Platium Membership $75,000.00 a year 
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